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We use 100% GMO-free organic soy from Austria. Landgarten operates its own seed propagation and soy cultivation in the surrounding area. In addition to our own cultivation, we also work with contract farmers from Lower Austria.

Landgarten demands the highest quality from all partners. Likewise from the suppliers of the raw materials required for our production. These must be available in both: a certain quantity and the required quality. Unfortunately, these two requirements are not always given for every raw material in Austria. As a result, Landgarten also purchases raw materials outside of Austria. Of course, the natural growing areas of the individual raw materials, like chocolate, must also be taken into account when purchasing. Landgarten tries to get all raw materials from “as close as possible”.

For Landgarten, the consumer comes first. With this as a top priority, our products must meet the highest quality standards and saftey. This naturally includes the highest demands on the performance of our packaging. Since Landgarten produces 100% organic products, we cannot and do not want to use artificial preservatives. However, in order to ensure a shelf life that is acceptable or required from retailers and consumers, tightness of the packaging is essential. Despite the high demand, there is currently no packaging made from renewable raw materials that meets these requirements.

You may think of “Other companies have sustainable packaging too?”. This is also absolutely correct. Only these are probably different products and therefore completely different packaging requirements. For example, the use of plastic from renewable raw materials for e.g. tea or spices are unproblematic, in the worst case they lose some intensity but they do not go bad. In addition, the migration from and into the products through the packaging is an extremely relevant influencing factor.

Landgarten has been dealing with the topic of sustainable packaging for many years. We are constantly looking for materials and ways to create an even more sustainable product for ourselves, our customers and the environment. We are convinced that in the near future we will find solutions that will meet all quality requirements.

Since its foundation, Landgarten has been located in Bruck / Leitha, Lower Austria. Our entire snack range is still manufactured here, at two production sites.


The entire Landgarten snack range is 100% gluten-free.

About 75% of our products are vegan. You can find out whether a product is vegan on the back of the product itself or on the product page in our online-shop. If you are not sure about one of our snacks, please feel free to send us a message. We are happy to provide you with individual information about the ingredients.

Landgarten is generally listed in well-stocked specialist shops. In addition to organic stores, health food shops and drugstores, our products are also available in well-stocked book-stores, gift-shops and delicatessens.

Find some of our sales partners in the list below:


  • Bipa

  • dm

  • denn’s Biomarkt

  • prokopp

  • reformstark Martin

  • Sonnentor-Shops

  • Thalia


  • Aleco

  • Alnatura

  • Basic Biosupermarkt

  • Bacher Reform

  • Biocompany

  • BioFrischmarkt

  • BioMamut

  • denn’s Biomarkt

  • Erdi

  • EBL

  • Füllhorn

  • Landmanns

  • Landwege

  • LPG

  • Naturata Bio Markt

  • Naturata Köln

  • Naturata Lux

  • Naturgut

  • Terra Verde

  • Tjaden

  • Vitalia Reform

  • Vollcorner

  • Vorwerk

  • Vienhues


  • Alnatura

  • Müller

Please note that this list doesn’t contain every sales partner in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. If you are specifically looking for Landgarten sales partners in your region, just send us a message: We will be happy to provide you the required information. 🙂

In general, we process the following allergens:

  • Soya

  • Lactose

  • Nuts

Landgarten is 100 % free of peanuts.

You can find information about the allergens processed in the product on the back of the product or on the product page in our online-shop.

Unfortunately, we cannot completely prevent cross-contamination.

Landgarten is specialized in producing snacks for in between and on the go, which is why all products are available in convenient packaging between 24 and 90 grams.